Fyre Festival 2.0 Update: I Am Going to Survival Training

In September, I blogged about how I was going to Fyre Festival 2.0. Billy McFarland tweeted out that he was doing Fyre Fest all over again and this time it was gonna be "bigger and better". Which can't really be a hard feat because the first one was an absolute disaster. I responded to his tweet and he offered me and 3 friends tickets. Obviously, I accepted and now it's getting even more real. You can read that blog here.

Today, I received an email for Fyre survival training. SURVIVAL TRAINING? What the fuck does that mean? Is Billy McFarland gonna put me through a fucking bootcamp? I can't even begin to imagine what will happen. Also, I am so curious to who else will be attending this. The survival training is like 3 hours long and then we meet up after for dinner. I am always down for a free dinner, and if that means I have to army crawl for it then I'm down. I am just so so confused on what this has to do with a music festival. I thought that was what Fyre Fest 2.0 was supposed to be. I need to go because the content opportunity is just too good. Also, they are charging EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS for tickets. 

This is fucking crazy but I am so so so intrigued. Hopefully this isn't some large scam like last time or just a giant prank! The plot thickens!