Artificial Intelligence Predicts The Entire World Will Be Vegan This Century Because Of Gen Z And Millenial Dinks

Artificial intelligence has predicted the majority of the world will be vegan by 2075. 

This is due to the record numbers of environmentally conscious Gen Z and Millennials ditching meat for plant-based options. 

Now, OpenAI's ChatGPT has shared details for the end of meat and dairy consumption after being asked to ' provide a timeline of the world going vegan starting in 2024 when Gen Z and Millennials raise awareness on animal agriculture.'

ChatGPT predicts plant-based diets will be on the rise among North Americans and Europeans one year later.

While dairy and meta alternatives are pricey - Impossible Food's vegan paddy costs standard restaurants $3.63, compared to an average meat burger's price tag of $1.58 - the chatbot believes this will change in 2032.

'A breakthrough in food technology leads to more affordable and convincing plant-based meat and dairy alternatives,' according to ChatGPT.

What this computer basically said is that by the year 2075 life on Earth won't be worth living anymore. If I can't go to Chicago Cut for a 5 course meal that has no less than 7 different kinds of dead animal cooked to perfection then I don't want to be here anymore. Elon better start fucking hustling on his Mars shit and if this is true, I will help him. Even if they don't have any terraforming on Mars by the time I am 89 years old they can ship my rotting corpse to the red planet. Bury me in a greenhouse and let cows, pigs, and chickens eat whatever is left of my body. Donating my body to humanity even if it has to leave the planet.

This is why I will never really trust computers and AI. They don't know us. They don't know red blooded Americans. They were probably programmed by these little Silicon Valley liberal dorks who can't even cut their own meat. They don't speak for me even if they control my life because they know how to do all the algorithms. You can't algorithm your way out of human nature. 

We are in deep shit if the Gen Z programmers are in charge of the world. The "4th Turning" books claim that the Millennials and Gen Zs are supposed to save America when shit inevitably all comes crumbling down. They're supposed to be the WW2 heroes of our time. So, in short, we are fucked. I don't think you can fix the planet if you don't eat steak. 

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