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Yeah, This Will Help: Darius Slayton Actually Had The Balls To Go On A Rant About Giants Fans Wanting To Get Rid Of Him And Daniel Jones

This is far from the first time Darius Slayton has said something along these lines. But, uh, guy, you keep losing. This only works if you have wins to your name. I think Darius Slayton is a fine 3rd receiver. He was put in spots where he had to do too much and ultimately it led to the fanbase turning on him. If he had his normal role, I don't think Giants fans would give a shit about Darius Slayton other than he's on the team. 

But this is the truth. Yeah, people wanted Daniel Jones out of town because it felt like a reach of a pick when he was drafted. He took over for our beloved Eli and we expected to win more. Not saying a Super Bowl, but we expected to not be the worst team in the league and a complete shit show. Welcome to being an NFL quarterback where it's your fault the majority of times, even if it's not. Now you have a quarterback who is injured again and due for way more money than he ever was before. Of course we want to move on, welcome to the NFL. 

I will say, this is the first time it sounds like there's some writing on the wall here. Slayton says 'hopefully here.' Could be reading too much into that, but it sounds like there's at least discussions within the players of the team moving on and starting new. You almost have to at this point. You can't have a year like this, injuries or not, and expect to run it back and be a playoff contender. You need new blood. 

I said it before and I'll say it again, it fucking sucks to have the same story with the Giants. One year of hope, tear it all down and try again. It's been that way for a decade. It doesn't even feel like there's a plan right now. That's how bad Gettleman was, Schoen has to try and rebuild with all the shit out there. But it's time. Stop calling out fans for trying to run you out of town. Just win games. That's all we want.