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Brewers "Fans" Riot and Vandalize a Little League Park in Milwaukee Named After Craig Counsell

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin - The sign outside Craig Counsell Park in Whitefish Bay was vandalized in the last day with spray paint, photos show.

Formerly known as Water Tower Park, village leaders renamed it after the Milwaukee Brewers manager and Whitefish Bay native in 2012. It is home to the village's Little League teams.

I don't know how to share the original picture without absorbing wholly unnecessary litigation risk over photo rights. You can see it in the tweet above from the original Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story. Click the picture to see more of the carnage (NSFW). 

Another look:

I completely understand where you're coming from Whitefish Bay. For reference, Craig Counsell signed a 5-year, $40M contract yesterday with the Cubs after spending 9 years managing the Milwaukee Brewers. It's a gut wrenching move to a very proud fanbase that's thoroughly enjoyed dominating the Cubs the last 3 seasons. And upon further review, it would appear that literally Everybody found this shocking. 

But why ASS? 

I understand the outrage. I understand wanting to take action and express your frustration. I can even stretch this compassion to try and understand the bizarre desire to deface a park district sign. 

It was taunting me

What I don't understand is the ASS. 

The ASS is so bad and bizarre that it has to be an inside job from Brewers ownership. There's almost no other choice to me. They want to control the narrative that people are mad at Craig for walking away from the community. They want you to be mad at him for taking more money for his family. They want to distort reality for their own personal gain. It's actually less then one step away from North Korean propaganda. 

If this was real then we'd do a lot better than ASS. They'd have bulldozed the pitching mounds and control-demo'd the press box. There'd be beer cans littered all over the outfield and a mound of charcoal ash in the parking lot still smoking from a night's worth of sausage. There'd be so much more character to the vandalism than just a big black ASS over Craig Counsell Park. 

No puke. No feces. No passion. There's no way this is authentic Milwaukee handiwork. 

I could be wrong. It happens. I just have a lot more faith in Brewers fans and people from that part of the country, generally. They're good people and they deserve better than the pile of shit they get served from their ownership every offseason.