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Fantasy Football Funk Town - Player WAR Update, The Team You Could Have Picked Up Hungover Sunday AM And Gabe Davis Running Away With "Troll Of The Year"

Here is your official best fantasy football players in PPR through eight weeks according to my wins above replacement model. Quick TL;DR - WAR estimates how many wins acorss a 17-game season your fantasy team gets solely due to a specific player MORE than a replacement-level player at the same position. 

Back for another week of fantasy funktown. For the first time in a while CMC falls out of the #1 spot but really only because he had a bye and the model input a replacement in his stead. I expect him to take the throne back now that the Tyreek gets his bye in Week 10.

Let's do something new. Listed below is the WAR model's estimated win percentage each player provided in Week 9 for realistically started players (started in 30% or more in ESPN leagues). We'll be addressing some of the characters near the bottom so I'll see you there. 

Everyone send a wellness text in the group chat to Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua owners

There both these receivers are near the bottom. I don't know what to tell you guys other than you are pretty much fucked. You don't sign Carson Wentz if Matt Stafford is close to coming back. But who knows? Maybe these two are so good they can fix Carson Wentz?

Don't forget to send that wellness text.

Hope you enjoyed that free space Zack Moss freeloaders

This guy was never supposed to be anything this year and that's exactly where he was in Week 9 with a measly 2.6 outing. Not to rub it in to the 54% of managers who started him but he got outscored this week by a running back who had zero yards rushing on zero carries and zero yards receiving on zero targets and - oh by the way - zero offensive snaps altogether. 

Gabe Davis might go down in history as the greatest fantasy football troll of all time


I know I gushed all preseason about how Gabe Davis was my man I'd stick by despite multiple years of letting me down but I am officially THROUGH with him. Look at the PPR points in the boxes on the graph above. Every time he shows something he follows it up the next week with a big fat turd. 21.2 in Week 2 gets cut in half the next week. 22 Points in Week 5 drops to 3.2 in Week 6. We gave him a break in Week 7 and still put him out there and we were rewarded with 1.6. Benched him in Week 8 and he goes off for the best game of his season before goose egging us the next week with his highest start percent of the year.

This man truly is Lucy with the football and we are all dumbass Charlie Browns. The worst part is you'd think "Ok he was bad so we should reverse psychology it and start him again, right?" Well that didn't work in Week 7 now did it? Whatever we do we're screwed. This is the reality of a Gabe Davis fantasy owner. Always has been. Always will be. 

OK let's check in on the worst possible realistic team assembly of the week. A team Gabe now has been on three out of the last four weeks. Not that I'm counting. 

That's 21.8 points which would be 22.8 if you only started the best seven. Meanwhile, all we had to do to win was drop everyone on our team and pickup these free agent bums for a smooth 159.1. Here's your lotto team for Week 9:

That's all I can take for Week 9. Week 10 is about new beginnings. About moving on from the past. Let's see… looks like the Bills are playing the Broncos. The team that gave up 70 in a game.

Looks like I'll be sending Gabe a "u up" message Monday night.

- @Jeffro