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Michigan Men: Can We Get A Response On The Legendary Bo Schembechler Saying Jim Harbaugh Is Lying, Dumb, and Overpaid?

Paging all Michigan Men. I repeat, paging all Michigan Men. Can we get a response on this? Because as someone who respects the rivalry (and what I thought was the integrity of it), I am well aware of Michigan's godfather and how important he is to that university. 

Never had a losing season in his 21 seasons in Ann Arbor. 13 Big Ten Championships. 10 Rose Bowl Trips. A school-record 194 wins and only 48 losses. Etc, etc etc. But as legendary as his results were ON the field, it was his words OFF the field that left the biggest mark on the the football program, the University, and honestly, the people of the state as a whole.

Obviously his most known quote is Those Who Stay Will Be Champions**, but I think we can all agree that a close second would be:

When someone uncovers a scandal in their company, I don't think they can say, "I didn't know that was going on." They're just saying they're too dumb to do their job! And if they really are too dumb, then why are they getting paid millions of dollars to do it? They know what's going on.

I literally had to Google this quote to make sure it was real, because it fits the current militaristic sign-stealing operation like a glove. A textbook example of Too Good to Be True. But nope, Bo Schembechler actually said this. And I'm not sure what my favorite part is. Like, on first read, I really like the "When someone uncovers a scandal, I don't think they can say I don't know what was going on" part. Because that means Jim Harbaugh is lying. But then he goes on to say, "They're too dumb to do their job!". Which means Jim Harbaugh is dumb. And on my 100th straight read, I really fell in love with the "Why are they getting paid millions of dollars to do it?" part. Essentially saying that if Bo Schembechler were alive today to describe Jim Harbaugh in three words, he would say: Liar, Dumb, and Overpaid.

I need a response from the Michigan Men on this. Because honestly, aside from the fact that in due time, both of Michigans wins** over Ohio State in the previous two seasons will be vacated and the century long Ohio State winning streak will be restored, my favorite part of this whole espionage scandal has been watching the mental gymnastics that Michigan fans have had to do when their biggest heroes quotes have resurfaced that relate directly to the situation at hand.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I won't mention that this groundbreaking discovery of a blog, which has had (and still is having) excerpts quoted by celebrities of all tiers across the internet, including Dave Portnoy himself, made zero appearances on our social platforms. I don't know why they're squeezing me out on my best work, but my will is not going to be broken by whoever has decided our 5.4 million followers need to know about Nicky Smokes being 5'11 and not 6'0 over the most relevant story in America right now. I have a duty to report on this illegal and rampant cheating ring, and I will continue to do that to 1 reader or 1,000,000 readers. The people deserve the truth!

Anyways, I'm sure this Pulitzer won't be seen anywhere but on the feed either, so Michigan Men (Dave, Chris, and apparently Marty?), I need your responses. Please COMMENT BELOW.