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"Craig Lost Us and Lost Our Community" - Brewers Owner Mark Attanasio Lost His Mind Over Craig Counsell Joining The Cubs

That’s a real quote from the Brewers. Their owner actually said that out loud to someone whose job is to report on things they say. 

Nevermind all that pain and anger you're feeling Brewers fans. Turns out you're the real winners in this entire saga and whoever manages your club is lucky to have 18,000 paid attendance on an average Friday night in June. Very Lucky actually to be a part of the Brewers community. 

Nevermind that one of your rivals just paid a bag of money behind your back to steal the most beloved person in your organization's history since Robin fucking Yount. The Cubs knifed one of their equally most beloved guys to get this done. And they did it in the middle of the night without a shred of public attention. And yet despite this categorical recipe for disaster, the Brewers still think there's room to be positive with fans? 

Newflash guys. Your next manager is dead on arrival. And the one after that, and honestly, probably the 3rd guy too. Looking ahead, there's no reason to even suggest as an argument (just for the sake of playing devils advocate) that's worth mentioning right now. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING you can offer about the situation comes across as horrifically stupid. You got mollywhopped by your I-90 big brother and there's nothing else to say about. The weight of the world now rests on the square yet relatively undersized shoulders of Sal Frelick. 

And Brewers fans are supposed to be cool with this? 

The sound you hear right now is the background music the Brewers play when you're on hold with the ticket office. So many people are cancelling season tickets right now that you can't get through to anyone. Not even a dial tone. The landline's been cut and the electricity at American Family Field of Fun is starting to dwindle. There's maybe 6 people working for this club right now and one of them is the owner that thinks he's building a six pack for spring break through clean eating and consistent gym time. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that it's complete fuckin bullshit the Brewers are pretending this is anything other than a cataclysmic systemic failure. That's what this is. You lost Craig Counsell and there's nothing else to say other than Good Luck to the next guy Because We Know You're Fucked

Lead with that and then let's talk. Until then, sorry to all the real Brewers fans out there that deserve better than this. Your ownership is complete chump change.