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Nothing Is Cooler Than Watching A 50-Year Old Ichiro Hit Home Runs That Break Windows At Your High School

Name two things that are more fun to watch when you are a kid than someone hitting dingers and someone trashing your school. You can't. Ichiro was already a legend on the baseball field but him giving out hitting tips while smashing windows with moonshots at the age of 50 somehow makes him even cooler.

Get this guy back into the big leagues right now. We can see that Ichiro can still hit the shit out of the ball, which isn't a surprise, and I bet he's probably still a damn good fielder too. For everyone saying "he's hitting a 70 MPH pitch", I don't care how hard it's thrown. If you're 50 and hitting 430 foot homers, you are a stud. No doubt in my mind the guy can still play. I could watch him take BP all damn day, I bet these kids could too. Especially if he keeps smashing different parts of their school.