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In the Most Nonpartisan Way Possible, Let Me Say Trump's Lawyer Alina Habba is the Kind of Attorney Who Can Fight My Battles Anytime

Allow me to repeat the key word from that headline, because it was carefully chosen to make the point I'm not taking sides in any of his legal cases. This is a nonpartisan blog. Objective. Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Indifferent. Neutral. Forthright. Balanced. I'm neither here to opine on Trump's guilt nor defend him. He certainly doesn't need me to. Because he's got Alina Habba, Esq. doing it for him. 

As I've mentioned before, I spend a lot of my professional life in courtrooms. Where again, I was a disinterested observer. As a Massachusetts Court Officer, you're not the referee, or even a side judge. You're more the guy who holds the down marker on the sidelines. Except it's not really a job requirement to be able to count to four. And I don't remember half of my supervisors ever demonstrating that skill. 

When you're earning your living as a disinterested observer with no dog in the fight, you learn an appreciation for the skills of the people in the arena. While it's demonstrably true that just about anyone can pass the bar exam (given enough tries) and become an attorney, it takes an enormous degree of talent to be a great one. And paradoxically, a lot of hard work and effort to make it look easy. If everybody could, everybody would. Instead, it's a precious few. 

And Atty. Habba strikes me as a member of that elite fraternity of truly greats. 

When you hire a lawyer, they more than represent you as they navigate the legal system. They also represent you to the world. They are the image you project throughout the proceedings. The first impression they make is the first impression the jury will have of you. How the attorney is judged will be a judgment of you. The way they conduct themselves will tacitly speak to what kind of a person you are, based on how well you can choose a representative. 

And the message you project by hiring Alina Habba as your counsel is, "I make wise decisions. I will accept nothing less than the very best. And I am not someone to be messed with." I mean, just listen to her this afternoon:

Again, you do not have to be on Trump's side to admire the lawyering going on here. This is one barrister who will not suffer fools gladly. She is not here to play nice with others. She's here to fight for her client, consequences be damned. "Let justice be done though the heavens fall", and all that. And should anyone underestimate the legal skills of this proud warrior, may God have mercy on them; because she won't. 

The best way to live your life is to never need an attorney for anything other than doing the closing on your house or drawing up your will. But life comes at all of us at some point. And should the need ever arise, I'll do whatever it takes to hire this Valkyrie. Whatever her rate is, it'll be worth the billable hours. And if you can't stand me saying this in a nonpartisan, apolitical blog because you love or hate Trump so much, then sue me.