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The Mets Steal Noted Baseball Genius Carlos Mendoza From The Yankees And Hire Him As Their Next Manager

Okay, hand up I never heard of Carlos Mendoza before news came out that the Mets were interviewing him for their open managerial position. Even then, all I knew was he been a trusted righthand man for Aaron Boone, who may be hated by Yankees fans but I love him since he has played a crucial role along with Hal Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman in those fans not being able to yell 28 RINGGGGGGGGGGGS in our faces. But if David Stearns decided to make him the new manager of the Mets, I have no choice to consider him a baseball genius. Doubly so if the word #RE2PECT is being thrown around by the legendary Yankees organization.

I went to Barstool's resident Yankees expert Hubbs for his take on Mendoza and I LOVED what he had to say.

Now that National League baseball has become a mindless game thanks to the addition of the DH and sabermetrics supernerds pulling the strings from an Excel spreadsheet, managers aren't nearly as important for the inning to inning happenings. So having a skipper that understands baseball is as much about luck and juju as anything else is extremely important. Mendoza also has the same last name as a bit Simpsons character who was always one step ahead of that blockhead McBain, which I love as a fan of the old school Simpsons episodes.

Extremely Random Sidenote: I just watched the first three episodes of Icons Unearthed: The Simpsons on Prime Video which covers the history of the show and it is FANTASTIC. The series is by the people that did the excellent Netflix series The Movies That Made Us and The Toys That Made Us and I can't recommend it enough to fans of The Simpsons (they also have seasons covering Star Wars, the MCU, and The Fast & The Furious franchises).

Okay back to baseball. I don't blame Craig Counsell one iota if he turned down Uncle Stevie's unlimited money to stay in the midwest as Cubs manager and avoid having to deal with the craziest fanbase in baseball. Counsell can rest easy as his kids continue to grow up in the quiet and affordable midwest with his two World Series rings as a player while not worrying what nickname Frank The Tank is cooking up for him because he used his fifth best reliever because all the other guys were tired. That is now Carlos Mendoza's problem.

Plus to be honest, I'm happy I can still be friends with Brewers fans since people from Milwaukee seem so wonderful.

We are diving deeper into the Mendoza hiring on the We Gotta Believe YouTube now!