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The Brotherly Shove Has Once Again Rendered Another Fully Grown Man Into A Temper Tantrum Throwing Toddler

And there it finally is. Someone actually being honest about why they want the Tush Push to be banned for a change. 

People don't want to Tush Push to be banned because "it's not a football play". They don't want the league to get rid of the play due to any concerns about player safety. It's not even that it's a cheat code that gives every offense an unfair advantage over the defense. People want the Brotherly Shove to be banned because the Eagles are great at it, and it's a major reason for why this team has had the best record in football for 27 straight weeks. 

I just wish more people would actually say that. Just come out and say you want it banned because the Eagles are great at it, and nobody else can come close to replicating what they do. Just say the Eagles are the best. Admit defeat and admire the Eagles' dominance. Stop lying to yourselves that you want the play banned to save football as a whole, and just admit you want the play banned to save your favorite team from getting their shit shoved in by the greatest offensive line in football, and a quarterback who squats 600 lbs. I love how this fella didn't even attempt to bring up any valid points for why the Tush Push needs to be banned. Just that the Eagles are really good at it, and it helps them score a lot of points. Like saying the league needs to ban throwing the ball more than 20 yards down field because the Dolphins have Tyreek Hill. 

Even the Cowboys radio broadcasters are admitting the only reason the play should be banned is because their division rival keeps kicking their ass with it. 

And speaking of Cowboys fans crying enough tears to power half the country...

I actually feel bad for this fella. You can feel the pain behind those eyes. The Eagles have this man in hell, and he's slowly coming to the realization that he's never climbing out of there. That's a broken man right there, and it's all thanks to the greatest play in football history. 

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