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The Miami Dolphins Are On The Verge of Being Frauds

Hey, at least it wasn't a blow out! I'm well aware that we haven't beaten a team with a winning record since week 3 of last year, but this team is so close to where they need to be. The Bills beat the breaks off of us in Buffalo, they always do. The Eagles game was a 10-0 penalty differential, and yesterday we lost by 7. There's no moral victories in a loss, but each game they're getting closer and closer to where they need to be. If Tua hits that pass or catches the snap the Dolphins probably win this game.

I love Tua, I'm a Tua guy, but that last drive falls on him. Did Cedric run the wrong route? Maybe. Did the ball slip out of his hand? Maybe. Was the snap a little bit outside? Sure. But as the QB of this team he has to take full responsibility and he did, which is why I love Uce. I have no doubt in my mind that he will bounce back from this, which is why I'm still very optimistic about this football team. Despite the offense playing like shit, the Dolphins defense is starting to find their stride. The Dolphins defense was horrible the first couple weeks of the season, but now that Vic Fangio has all his toys at his disposal the defense has been spectacular. Once this team can play complimentary football it's over for everyone. 

All three loses have been on the road, two of which were against the teams from last years Super Bowl. The Dolphins are fine, I might have been heart broken yesterday but today I full of optimism. In fact, I placed a bet on them to win the Super Bowl at +1200. If the Dolphins lose to the Jets, Cowboys, and Bills at home we are 1000% with out a doubt frauds, but until then, we're fine.