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It Doesn't Matter What The Penalty Is, You Gotta Fight A Ref Who Hits You With A Blindside Tackle And Costs You The Season

So we're in beginning of the MLS playoffs here. It's basically like The Dozen where things don't make a ton of sense but then there's a champion. In this case you have a best of 3 in the first round with matches a week apart typically. So that's why we have LAFC vs Vancouver and why this play means you gotta fight a ref. I don't care if you get suspended to start the next season, I don't care if you get a fine. Make Roberto Alomar look like a saint if you get a blindside tackle when trying to get a shot on goal. 

Based on what we saw in actual football, this is a 15-yard penalty. There were lighter hits on the quarterback yesterday that got flagged multiple times. Now we're talking soccer and you have a ref laying the wood. Get out of the way stripes! Have some field awareness. It's also why I never understood soccer only having one ref on the field, not the assistants on the sides, but why not have at least 2 guys on the field? Seems like it'd be beneficial and you could get in better spots than directly where this dude was trying to drill a shot. 

Even funnier in this whole play? The goal by LAFC was called back for being offsides. Still won 1-0, but come on. That's MLS soccer baby! This is why our best players play overseas. You can't be stepping into a potential howler and catch a shoulder from the ref. That said, get the ref on the payroll somewhere. That dude can clearly play defense.