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The Guardians Have Replaced Tito Francona And His 23 Years, 1950 Wins, And 2 World Series Championships With.....First Time Manager, Stephen Vogt

So I can definitely see where the naysayers would point out that Cleveland just replaced arguably the best manager in baseball history, who had 23 seasons of experience with 1,950 wins and 2 World Series championships, with a guy who has a grand total of 1 season as a.....bullpen and quality control coach for the Mariners? That's a fair point. I will acknowledge that I had higher hopes of a resume than this. But what I will also acknowledge is that I have complete and total trust in our Front Office to make the right decisions. And if they wants Stephen Vogt, then I want Stephen Vogt. And for that reason, this is an A+ hire.

Plus, he's only 39 years old, charismatic, and has a decade worth of Major League playing experience as a Catcher. Everyone knows that Catchers know the game best. And I think it's fair to point out that of all the major sports, baseball is probably the one where you need the right personality to bring the best out of your players, rather than an experienced head coaching mind that has to do things like call an offense or diagram plays. I'm willing to risk it that after playing 10 years in the league, Vogt knows ball enough to not ruin anything. And I'm genuinely excited to have a young, fun Manager in Cleveland. 

But at the end of the day, this is clearly a risky move. This will probably go down as an extreme success or an extreme failure. Because we either just hired a young, fun manager that knows the game and will charm the media / get the best out of his players, or we're going to stink and everyone will fairly point out that he had no Managerial experience. I'm down for the experiment though.

Side Note #1: People are pointing out that the reason the Guardians may have gone with a no-experience Manager because our owner is cheap and Vogt probably costs less than other options. This better not be true.

Side Note #2: Remember when Vogt homered in his last ever MLB at-bat?

So wholesome. Let's keep this positive mojo going.