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In Defense Of Matt Eberflus...

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

This is going to sound crazy but I'm dead serious. I believe Matt Eberflus is the right man to lead the Bears. I truly believe that. 

It happened yesterday, deep into the 2nd half of yet another hopeless Bears' loss. It happened naturally. I didn't even want or expect it to happen. But it happened and I've been left with no choice. I have fully converted to a full-fledged Matt Eberflus supporter.

I've been back and forth on him since Day 1. Since I first saw the headshot and that creepy smirk. The big, wet, combed-back hair with the complexion and overall appearance of man pushing 80 hours of weekly film study in a dark room for two straight decades. In other words, the exact man I want dialing blitzes and making adjustments: a creature.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

moist hair is healthy hair

Fast forward to his 2nd season where my opinion's changed multiple times. One day we're drinking Flus Juice from a St. Borgia gatorade bottle, the next we're questioning if he could survive a season coaching sophomores in the Catholic League Blue. Then a hard effort and good cover wins me back. Then I'm out the next week. Then back. Then out. Then back with the #1 pick and all the roster capital for Ryan Poles to get better.

He just needs his guys.

Steady optimism this offseason gradually turns into downright stupid, arrogant confidence. 

45-1 to win the Super Bowl??


Is Vegas stupid? 

I'm currently holding that ticket in shame. Turns out the 2023 Bears stink, and that's for a lot of reasons.

But yesterday I decided Matt Eberflus is not one of those reasons.

In fact, I decided yesterday to support Eberflus unequivocally as the right guy to lead the Bears. The evaluation period is over. Dropping to 2-7 with a road loss in New Orleans sealed it for me. The Bears are playing their butt cheeks off and quite frankly, that's enough for me right now.

Yesterday's game should've been a blowout based on the 2nd half turnover margin alone. The Saints started 7 of 8 2nd-half drives on the Bears' side of the 50. Meanwhile the offense is under control of a backup rookie Division-2 6th rounder coming off a Sunday Night blowout traveling down to New Orleans for a presumed bloodbath. 

So much working against the Bears yesterday, and yet there they are competing every down in the 2nd half. I said COMPETING.

I can't emphasize that word enough. Competition. It's one of the critical distinguishing characteristics when talking about World Class athletes. The sumbitches that WANT IT are the ones that generally get it. 

This is crazy. I know. But you can't watch that Bears defense compete on 3rd down yesterday and tell me they quit. You can't watch them stay in that game and say the effort sucked. And you definitely can't trash their adjustments. All the stuff I can credit to the Head Coach went well yesterday. 

So I said this. 


And now I stand by it again. 

Even if it's objectively rock bottom for me to support a 2nd year coach that's a combined 5-21. Even if he's already on the way out and this is a complete unmitigated disaster of inevitable failure. 

Please understand: I've spent most of my life watching BAD Chicago Bears football, and this year's Bad Football is different. It's the kind of bad that actually gets better. I saw it yesterday with my own 2 eyes. 

The defense gave Tyson Bagent 6 opportunities in the 2nd half to tie the game, 3 of them in the last 10 minutes alone. They surrendered just 10 points when 13+ would've ended it at any time. 

Statistically speaking, it could have/should have been so much worse. But it wasn't, and I have no choice in attributing that to Matt Eberflus as the head coach.  

This isn't a contract extension. 

Just reminding you guys = everyone since Lovie has lost that locker room. Everyone at some point got that team to quit and I don't see that even close to happening right now. 

So until it does, I'm drinking the Flus Juice. Even if I have to do it alone, that hasn't stopped me before and certainly won't stop me now. 

It tastes like Malort

And like Malort, you don't drink Flus Juice for taste. You drink it for the feel.

Right now I feel good enough about Matt Eberflus and that's good enough for me.