The Giants Announce Daniel Jones Tore His ACL And Is Out For The Season

Well there you have it. All the Twitter doctors were correct when they said Daniel Jones tore his ACL against the Raiders and his time as the QB1 of the Giants is unofficially over. DJ getting hurt because he tripped while trying to avoid an unblocked pass rusher then attempting to gut it out before his body gave out sums up his time with the Giants perfectly.

I'll never understand all the hate Giants fans gave Daniel Jones from Day 1 or why the internet turned him into a meme before he ever played a down other than people hating nerdy guys from Duke, which I actually completely understand. Everyone thought it was crazy Jones was drafted above Dwayne Haskins (rest in peace) or that the Giants didn't take Defensive End Josh Allen at 6 then Jones at 17 despite the fact they drafted Dexter Lawrence at 17. As much as I absolutely loooooooathe the GM who drafted Daniel, he made the right decision. Multiple people with connections to the Broncos have told me they were taking Jones before 17 if he was still there (they immediately traded down once the Giants took him) and Dexter Lawrence has indisputably had a better career than Allen so far.

All DJ did as a rookie was put up 24 touchdowns and 12 picks in 13 games (with a sliiiiight infatuation for fumbling the football behind a terrible offensive line) with the size and speed you would want in a QB in the 21st century. He also led the Giants to a meaningless late season win against Washington that ensured the Giants would get Andrew Thomas instead of Chase Young, which may be the best thing someone has done for this franchise since Super Bowl XLVI. You know what Daniel got as a reward after they fired that buckethead Pat Shurmur? Joe Judge as his head coach and Jason Garrett as his offensive coordinator.


We could talk about all the swings and misses the Giants had repairing the offensive line dating back to Eli's time with the Giants or at receiver (looking at you Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney). But as John Mara said, the Giants did everything they could to screw up Daniel Jones and he couldn't be more right. I have no doubt Daniel will be on the Giants next year because he is owed a bazillion dollars against the cap (before the Giants can walk away from it unscathed following the season) and I also have no doubt he will work his ass off to get back while also coaching the hell out of whatever sorry son of a bitch gets drafted to be his replacement. Hopefully Daniel lands somewhere with a good coaching staff down the road and can have a Ryan Tannehill-esque 2nd part of his career because I always thought he had the tools to be a good quarterback in the right situation, or at least not one of the worst situations in the entire NFL almost every season like he dealt with.


Even the usually upbeat spinzone factory known as the Daniel Jones Hype Group has felt like a funeral home during a wake ever since our little lamb went down on Sunday and it's hard not to feel bad for a dude who worked his ass off, never complained, and did not have a bad word said about him as a teammate despite the franchise being in complete disarray for a good chunk of his time here. To my brothers in the hype group that fought off all the hatred over the years, I say this.

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Get well soon Daniel. We'll always have that rookie season that turned a lot of haters into believers, the Vikings playoff win that ended the Boat Curse, and that first drive against the Cowboys in Week 1 this year before Andrew Thomas committed a false start, JMS snapped the ball into the ground, and Graham Gano's field goal got blocked that turned this entire season into a nightmare that somehow gets worse every single week despite it seeming impossible every single week. 

Speaking of which, I reeeeeeeeeeally wish the trade deadline was this Tuesday instead of last Tuesday because I would've sold off every Giant with any value for picks. Or they could've traded for Josh Dobbs and won the Super Bowl.

I also want to give Joe Schoen shit for having Tommy fucking Devito as the backup QB after he proved during last week's -9 passing yard performance against the Jets that he simply cannot throw a football, which last I checked is an important part of playing quarterback in the NFL. But maybe Schoen knew that if Jones went down, this season was super duper over and Devito would be the Tank Commander to get us a future franchise QB. I sincerely hope that happens so the Giants not only keep losing games but I don't have to watch them because I am officially #DONE with Devito.


Now we pray for Caleb Williams. Or Drake Maye. Or Bo Nix. Or any other quarterback that college football fans tell me are good because the tank is here and, to borrow a phrase, READY TO ROLL.