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Every Other NFL Team Needs To Learn From The Texans On How To Be Fun As Shit

I didn't expect to blog multiple Texans blogs today but here we are. This is just who the Texans are in 2023. They are fun as shit. In fact I'll declare them the most fun team in the league. You don't know what's going to happen. They have running back drilling field goals. They have a rookie quarterback setting records. They have a rookie wide receiver named Tank who is also awesome. I know what their record is. I know they play in the AFC South, so who knows what'll happen there after the Jags. But I do know that the Texans are must watch TV every week.

Shit, just look at the fourth quarter today. They somehow didn't recover this fumble

Yeah, I mean I want to be pissed at them for not covering the -2.5 because they took a knee going for 2 while up 2. But again, this is about the 4th quarter. They gave up a touchdown right after that. Of course they did. That all led to CJ Stroud not caring about the clock and just immediately winning the game. This was a fucking dime and a hell of a catch. 

This is how you build for the future. Yeah, obviously you get a quarterback who can throw for 470 yards with no rushing game. But you become fun as shit and win some games you probably shouldn't. Worked for the Lions a few years back and look at them now. That's the blueprint for all these bad teams. If you're not going to win shit, be fun and entertaining. 

Bonus points for ripping Cheah's heart out