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Normal Day In The NFL: The Texans Don't Have A Kicker So They Are Going For 2 Every Time And Are Using A Backup Running Back To Do Kickoffs

You know what? This is how we bring back returns in the NFL. I miss the days of having someone awesome back there like Dante Hall. Everything now is basically just an automatic touchback. Well not today! Ka'imi Fairbairn is hurt so the Texans straight up can't kick extra points and have their backup running back do kickoffs. I'm not an asterisk guy, but them being down 1 after failing on two straight 2-point conversions sure is something. 

We joke all the time about college kickers but at least they tend to have multiple on the roster. I know the NFL only has 53 spots, but I feel like having a backup kicker might be a galaxy brain move. Sacrifice wide receiver 5 for kicker 2. Or at the minimum carry someone on the roster who can kick an extra point. If not, I know a guy. 

This is a weird slate of games and frankly they kind of suck. But at least we're getting some hilarious sucking between Josh Dobbs turning it over before breaking out a ridiculous rush. We have no kicker. We have guys like Clayton Tune out there and the Packers/Rams are playing something that I think is supposed to be a football game. 

All I know is we have a 1 point game and the Texans don't have a kicker. I'm sure this won't bite them in the ass.