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Caleb Williams Deserves To Cry For Having To Put Up With USC's Defense

Caleb Williams couldn't hold back the tears after USC's 52-42 loss to Washington on Saturday night and I don't blame him. The Trojans put up 515 yards and six touchdowns and that still wasn't enough to get a big win.

With almost any quarterback other than Williams, a USC team that was projected to be in the national title picture this season would be 4-6 right now. Alex Grinch's defense is simply dreadful and hasn't seemed to improve even a little bit throughout the year.

While some may find Williams generally unlikable, it does seem regrettable that we'll never see him get a chance at playing in the College Football Playoff. That was almost certainly already out of the cards for the Trojans, but Williams will now spend the last couple games of his college career trying to keep the wheels from coming off in Los Angeles. He and Lincoln Riley were supposed to take college football by storm and while Riley has to shoulder much of the blame himself, Grinch and the USC defense should be ashamed of themselves.

I'd cry too if I was putting up ridiculous numbers every week and my defense was doling out 50 burgers to anyone that asked nicely.