Philly Sports Radio Caller Goes On A Passionate "Dallas Sucks" Rant...While Actively Pulling Someone Over

Actually hilarious. 

Hey, it's Dallas week, baby. And it's a big one. You know it. I know it. The Fuzz in Lehigh Valley know it, apparently too well. I don't care if we're 7-1, 4-4, or 1-7 (actually I do care, very much so). I also don't care if the Cowboys are paper tiger frauds like they always are. Any time the Eagles face off against the Cowboys there should be some gravel in your guts and spit in your eye heading into the game. And if you gotta voice your Dallas hate while also actively protecting and serving, so be it. Probably. 

Dallas Sucks. Well all understand. And Kevin Byrard already fits right in here.

Go Birds. -3 at home. Time to Fly.