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It Has Been A Banner Day For College Kickers

In the span of about 10 minutes, we saw the full range of #CollegeKickers in both Kansas State-Texas and Ole Miss-Texas A&M. First, it was K-State kicker Chris Tennant missing the game-tying field goal from 27 yards out and straight on, seemingly ending the Wildcats' chances at completing the comeback in Austin. Just a brutal miss and the kind every college football fan fears each time a 19-year-old, 130-pound kicker steps onto the field.

Then down in Oxford, another road team had a chance to force overtime with a field goal, this time with the last snap of regulation. Randy Bond lines it up ...

... no good.

But the college kickers experience isn't just about heartbreaking misses, it's about ridiculousness and unpredictability. And that's why Kansas State's defense forced Texas into a three and out to get the ball back and give Tennant a second chance at tying the game, albeit with a much more difficult kick this time.

Of course he's nails on that one. Couldn't punch it in from 27 yards but strikes the most pure kick you've ever seen from 45. That's what watching college kickers is all about, baby.

Texas hung on in overtime, but it's about enjoying the journey more than the destination. College kickers are one of the elements that make this the best sport in America.