The Detroit Tigers Have Acquired Mark Canha! Scott Harris Is Cooking!

Is it pathetic for me to be doing backflips in celebration of the acquisition of Mark Canha? Probably. I don’t give a fuck. The Tigers just got better. This was a 78-win ball club last season, and they just made a move that will help improve that win total in 2024. It’s a smart trade. They basically gave up nothing to acquire Canha, and it helped them improve offensively, which is something they desperately need.

This trade says two things to me. Number one is that the Tigers know how weak this free-agent market is. They’re not going to get a whole lot better signing free agents. They’ll sign a few guys to one-year deals, but I don’t see them doing much more beyond that. This farm system is deep enough now that they can make a few moves to acquire some players to get better in 2024 hopefully. That’s exactly what they did with this move. It also says that the Milwaukee Brewers believe their window may have closed. Corbin Burnes is going into a contract year. Brandon Woodruff will miss a lot of time, and offensively, they just don’t have the horses to compete with the big boys in the National League. They had a fine year last year and still couldn’t win a playoff game. This will not be the only domino to fall from Milwaukee. 

This was a pretty weak October, but the one thing this October provided me with was a lot of hope. The Diamondbacks won 84 games and made it to the World Series. They were not that much better than the Tigers were this year. With the right moves, I don’t think the Tigers can turn themselves into a championship contender, but they can turn themselves into a team that can compete for the American League Central. Give me more moves like this. Get rid of the anchors that weight down this lineup and acquire more good bats. This is a good first step.