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Lighten the Fuck Up! She Went to Her Priest Seeking Intimacy Advice...

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A newly married young woman went to her priest seeking intimacy advice… 

She told him that her husband had developed a preference for anal sex, and she wasn't sure if it was sinful…  

"Do you enjoy it?" the priest asked sincerely.  

"Actually, I enjoy it very much, Father," she answered with a bashful smile.

"Does it cause you any pain or discomfort?" he asked.  

"No, not at all. It actually feels really good…" she admitted.  

"Well," the priest continued, "Then there's no reason why you shouldn't continue having anal sex with your husband, especially if it's consensual and you both enjoy it. Just be careful not to get pregnant…"  

"What, Father?" she asked, shocked. "You can get pregnant from having anal sex?" 

"Of course," the priest replied. "Where do you think politicians and lawyers come from?"                                                                         


Vindog has been repurposing jokes since 1968! This is LTFU Joke #204!

Just in case you missed the last one…