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MUST WATCH: Brandon Walker Eating A Sandwich Like A Caveman Could Be The Video Of The Year


I'm in awe. Sometimes a video comes across your screen so surreal you start to wonder if it's a fever dream or real life. I haven't been so stunned by a video since Riggs left Pinehurst waving like a president exiting the oval office for the final time. That video won video of the year in 2020, 2021, and 2022



and now I have to decide if it's going to be topped as the number 1 video by this BFW video. It's truly that stunning.

I'll say this in Brandon's defense- everyone eats like a slob. It's the manliest thing you can do. It goes back to cavemen days. It's in our DNA. But licking the phone is a *Riggs Voice* WILD move. The number of times he touches his legs, licks his fingers, and touches his legs again must've been in the hundreds. 


At the end of the day all you can say is dudes rock and