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I Love This Kid Who Ran Into The Rangers Parade Route So He Could Get Corey Seager's Autograph

Nothing but respect for this kid for seeing his opportunity, taking it, and winning the entire parade. He saw Paul Blart riding up on his bike. But he stayed calm, cool, and collected. Shout out for the cop for not even looking his way and not giving a damn. If a team wins their first World Series, laws should go out the window for the fans as long as they don't commit anything that you would see in The Purge.

What a story this kid will have for the rest of his life. I really hope he didn't get in trouble with his parents because that was the stuff of legends. Great work not getting greedy and trying to sneak a selfie along with the autograph too. The kid went in, got the signature, and most importantly locked up the memory for life on video by showing guts like Adolis Garcia.