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There Is No Way These "UFO's" Seen Over San Jose Today Are Real

These are tearing up social media as we speak and as much as I believe in aliens, UFO's, government conspiracies, sasquatch, Atlantis, miracles, and Huet Lewis and the fucking News, I'm calling bullshit on this.

Or these.

At the risk of being reverse Jmac'd here, there's no way these are real OR that this is real footage.

I'm throwing the flag.

Giphy Images.

As I just stated, I believe in pretty much anything and everything that we can't explain. Just because we can't understand something doesn't automatically mean it's not possible or can't exist. 

This is just too blatant though.

Those aircraft look like they're straight out of The Twilight Zone or some 60s or 70s Martian movie. There's no way they actually look like that do they?

A few weeks ago Jerry blogged about the Netflix documentary that Spielberg had a hand in, "Encounters"

I watched it and it was fucking awesome. Aside from being extremely well done, they interviewed dozens and dozens of credible, totally normal witnesses who've had encounters. From all around the globe. Including some very very high-ranking former government intelligence officials who've all of a sudden come out of the woodwork and gone on the record. And they all described similar-looking spacecraft, similar-looking beings, and similar feelings. It was pretty wild. 

And they all looked similar to this drawing by one of the English school children (part 2, must watch)

On second thought, maybe those are real?


p.s. - I had somebody reach out to me on email who said their husband was in the air force and that the reason you always see a fighter jet tailing these UFO's is (in their words) "it's US military technology we don't know about and they're practicing manuevers". They said that "when they disappear into thin air it's actually "active camouflage" which is the aircraft using thousands of tiny cameras to capture footage of where it's flying and then instantly beaming it to screens covering the entire thing making it effectively disappear." 

I have no idea if that's 100% disinformation or not but just the thought of that blew my mind.