There Is Just Something Very Weird About Adam Silver Talking About Wearing His New SKIMS Underwear

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It was only a matter of time before things started to get weird after the NBA announced their new partnership with Kim K and her SKIMS brand

and here we are just 4 days later, already at that moment. But before we get into it, I feel like I should reward you all for clicking on this blog in the first place. Go ahead and give this a scroll and I'll meet you all on the other side



Now, maybe when it comes to Kim K you're more of a "movie" type of guy than a picture guy. That's fine. I have you covered there  as well.

But now to the point of this blog. With this new partnership now official, TMZ caught up with Adam Silver to ask him about it and I can't lie, his response made me very uncomfortable


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Talk about a mental picture none of us needed. Never in my life have I ever spent even a second wondering what this man looked like in his underwear

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nor would I ever want to see it at any point. There's no need for Silver to inform us that he's not going to show us his undies or even what type of undies he's wearing. Nobody wants to see that shit! The whole interaction just felt….weird. 

I have to admit though, once we got past that part I had to tip my cap to the hard-hitting journalism wondering if this was going to directly correlate to a better performance on the court. Those are the questions we should be asking. I give Silver credit for not blatantly laughing because ya know, he has SKIMS to sell. Of course it's going to make the players and game better! Duh! Look good feel good play good, ever heard of it?

If you think your favorite player or favorite team is good now, just wait until they are experiencing maximum comfort for their twig and berries. If SKIMS was smart, they would have guys like SGA (the NBA player spokesperson) attribute everything he does this season to his new SKIMS underwear. You can't prove it's a lie and that seems like a no brainer marketing tactic. 

But seriously, nobody ever ask Adam Silver about underwear again. The whole thing is kind of creepy.