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It’s Parade Day For The Rangers And Apparently The Beer Vendors Are Already All Sold Out

Parade Day in Texas and I’ve already seen tweets flying around that there is little to no beer left from the vendors selling it. You heard that right, the parade hadn’t even started yet and vendors were completely sold out of beer. Those Rangers fans could be in for a longggggggg day. Every championship parade is a scene in its own right, but the parades where a team has waited a long, long time or it’s their first one, those usually hit different. That’s what we have here today, these Rangers fans are thirsty to celebrate a ring, they’re Cowboys fans too most likely so you know they’ve never come close to sniffing one there, they have been waiting to drink their vendors out of beer at 11 am for a long time.

I’m sure school was cancelled, people are probably doing half days or used their PTO to take the day off, it’s the perfect storm for a championship parade. And then you factor in that it’s a FRIDAY as well, it’s perfect. Now we know that all championships should be won on a Wednesday so you can have a Friday parade. 

It’ll be fun to monitor how things go at the parade and how wild it gets. Beer sold out before 11 AM, thousand of rowdy fans, Max Scherzer partying his face off, going to be a good time down there for Rangers fans.