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I Am The King Of NFL Betting

I joined Picks Central this past summer. I do enjoy doing the show very much. I like Marty, Smitty, Rico, Big Ev, Doogs and even Meek Phil a lot. But they can all go fuck themselves. They need to bow down and honor me as the NFL King Of Picks Central.

NFL Standings Up To This Point

Klemmer: 50-41-2 (+21.79u)

Rico: 20-24-1 (+14.4u)

Smitty: 24-27-2 (+12.7u)

Big Ev: 92-88-8 (+12.25u)

Marty: 48-59-4 (+1.95u)

DISCLAIMER: This includes a giant 10 unit parlay win for all of us that we all played together that hit. But it does count for all of us.

I also should say that I've been red hot and have won my last 9 NFL picks. 

That obviously can't keep up. Rico, Smitty and Big Ev could catch me before the playoffs even start. But I've only had one really shitty week (week 6) and have been fairly consistent other than that.

One thing I am very certain of is that Marty Mush is a disaster. I am beating him by almost 20 units. 20 Units! Meanwhile, he was the one giving me the most shit this season on the show. Rico, Ev and Smitty are worthy competitors but Marty isn't fit to lick the dog shit from my shoes. 

(This has nothing to do with him as a basketball player. He's been a pleasure to coach this year.)

Smitty, Ev and I all talk a lot of NFL and make picks on Picks Central today. You can check out the episode below. I'm putting my 9 bet winning streak on the line this week and fully intend to keep the crown when the show returns on Monday.