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Stop Right Now And Give Billy Football All The Credit In The World For Nailing His Prediction About Will Levis Way Back In March


Often times here at Barstool Sports, people don't get the credit they deserve. On the internet, it's much easier to get on someone when they are wrong about something, and not give them credit when they are right. People get bashed for a "freezing cold take", aka predicting something that could not have turned out more inaccurate. It's part of being on the internet and talking about sports, you're going to get some stuff wrong, and people will make fun of you for it. No harm, no foul.

But in this case, here on this Friday, I'd like to do the opposite. I'd like to give Billy Football a round of applause for absolutely nailing his Will Levis take, way back in March. Let me show you, so you can too applaud him.

You see, Billy wrote this blog on March 29 before the NFL Draft, asking if Will Levis is simply too jacked and too weird to be a top NFL QB:


Pretty solid blog and topic, as Levis, if you recall, was all the buzz about where he would land. Some reports said he was bombing interviews, Billy, in his infinite wisdom, suggested Will was purposely doing that in interviews with teams he didn't want to play on. Fair play.

So anyway, I digress. As we know now, Will Levis has started 2 games this season and has been fairly impressive, with many people calling him a future superstar, the Titans franchise guy, etc. And rightfully so, Billy Football took a victory lap on Twitter last night, saying that he saw this coming all the way back in March!


Now hold onto your hats, because there's a fun twist ending to this blog!

Let me take you back to last night.

There I am, sitting on my couch, watching football when my phone buzzes. I pick it up and see this:



What in the world is Billy editing a blog from MARCH for, I snickered to myself, fully knowing I was in for a real Billy Football experience. 

What did Billy do? Oh, you already know.

He changed his blog to include that last paragraph where he "predicts" that Will Levis is "going to be next level".

On the left is March 29, on the right is November 2nd. Incredible. So Billy added a paragraph, pretended he wrote it in March, and then took a victory lap on Twitter about it. I'm crying laughing. Any time you can edit a prediction to be spot on 7 months later, you gotta do it. 

And for the record, no he's not in trouble or anything, this is just the William Pigskin experience. Nobody makes me laugh in ridiculous ways that I never could have even thought of like Billy does.

PS: Unrelated to Billy, in the last month we've had TWO people plagiarize on the blog and not even offer anyone a $50 Barstool Sports gift card in return. Those I was actually a little mad about because it makes Barstool look so stupid, like we don't already get raked over the coals for enough stupid shit as it is. Imagining the phone call from Dave about how I let plagiarism go up on the website sends chills up my spine. 



LMAO Quick Update: Billy though I did an entire blog praising him for nailing his prediction, RT'd it sight un-seen, and then undid the RT 10 minutes later when he figured out what happened. The god damn best in the world.