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The Internet Is Crying About John Calipari Dominating The Mental Warfare Game Heading Into The Start Of The College Basketball Season

So this was making the rounds last night as Kentucky played its exhibition game. A little ho-hum 46-point win. 

I know, I know. It was an exhibition game, but hey, pretty sure some major programs have lost these games. This isn't about the game though. This isn't about Tre Mitchell being a huge find in the portal late. This isn't about Justin Edwards being a star or DJ Wagner continuing to get overlooked. No, this is about John Calipari's mental warfare. I've learned plenty about Coach Cal in the decade-plus he's been in charge of my team. When he starts pulling quotes like this out, he feels good. That means the team is good. I don't need my friend Mark Titus to tell me that, Coach Cal does it. 

People all over the Internet calling Calipari soft for telling Kentucky State not to play zone? Dummies, he's just not putting stuff on tape. He's already played against zone. He doesn't want the world to know this team can actually shoot the ball. It's called the element of surprise for when a team tries to run zone against him next week. You don't play zone against John Calipari, he tells you when to play zone. 

It's no secret this is the most important year in Cal's run at Kentucky. You can't go miss tournament, lose to a 15 seed, lose in the second round and have a 4th failure in March. That's not how it works at Kentucky. People get fired for that. He has a team that works, especially once one of the 3 bigs gets back healthy/eligible. But the mental warfare has started. Early points for Cal, now it's time to win on the court. Beat New Mexico State.