If Reags Wasn’t So Busy Claiming How Great He Throws Bounce Passes Maybe He Would Know A Thing Or Two About Being A Part Of A Winning Team

“Hello Bobby Reagan “ 


“It’s the year 1955”

That’s how I imagine the conversations go when Reags talks basketball. Stuck in the old age with his letterman jacket, his slow tempo play, and his boring as bounce passes. Just a modern day dinosaur. 

While he is out there trashing me for being literally the biggest power broker in the country, the great game of basketball is passing him by. I would say it’s sad that it passed him by as I do like talking hoops with him, but after Kentucky’s absolute FLOPS in recent NCAA Tournaments maybe he just doesn’t get the game anymore, more so he doesn’t understand winning culture. 

While Reags is crying about someone literally putting their body on the line TWICE FYI (took two charges) , the thing he should be focusing on is that winning matters in college basketball. You win or you get fired. He must be in the denial period for his guy Cal because he stacks recruits up better than anyone and can’t win a game when it matters. 

Winning culture matters and you either have guys who want to win or don’t win. My teammate in college called that a “Ticker” and after my display last night there’s no way you can deny the ticker. 

In a pregame meeting with Coach Dawkins he stressed above all he wants to win. I took that as do everything I can to help the team. Reags would have taken that as throw stupid bounce passes. And that’s why every Final Four weekend the Kentucky Wildcats are playing golf. 

Winning is doing the little things … 

Taking charges 


Scoring on inbounds plays 

Setting good screens (which led to the game winner) and playing LOCK DOWN defense 

As well as keeping the table staff honest … 

And making sure the refs keep it fair 


Reags calls it deplorable .., I call it winning… something he wouldn’t know about.