Common Man Legend Brock Purdy Spent His Bye Week From The 49ers Working On His Fiancee's Family Farm In Iowa

I know this video is probably going to piss off a bunch of sports talk radio hosts since it involves a player not spending every waking minute at his team's facility, but I fucking love it. Brock Purdy is as much a regular dude as the QB1 of a Super Bowl contender named Brock can possibly be. I already blogged about Purdy's living and driving situation being like countless 20-somethings fresh out of college in a big city.

So what does Brock do to further endear himself to the hard working, blue collared people of America? He goes out and spends his week off being chased by superhumans in the middle of Iowa lending a hand with the harvest at his fiancee's family's farm like any guy would to gain some Approval Points from his future in-laws. What an absolute stud.

Don't get it twisted either. Brock isn't some corn fed boy from Tornado Alley that grew up riding a John Deere. He was born and raised in Arizona, a state much more known for deserts than harvests, where his family was slinging hot tubs instead of cash crops.

Of course the Purdys close the hot tub store on Sundays, which has to be a Top 2 business day for hot tub stores, so they can visit Brock's games since they are apparently a modern day Normal Rockwell painting come to life. If the people running Disney's movie studios have a brain, which honestly feels like a longshot right now, they will take a bunch of the money they are saving from the scrapped MCU/Star Wars projects and reallocate it to purchasing the Brock Purdy story then bringing it to the big screen (which I promise to see in the theaters so Jeff D. Lowe doesn't hate me) after Brock wins his first Lombardi Trophy.

P.S. The replies to the video of Purdy harvesting corn were the most midwestern American things I have seen since Trent dressed up as corn back in the day.


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