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OG Fortnite Has Arrived And There Are A Record 3.5 MILLION Players Dropping Right Now

Welp, it's official. The entire world is back on the sticks. Ninja is currently streaming to over 100K viewers and OG Fortnite is BACK! Enlist all soldiers cause it's time to SQUAD UP like it's 2017, baby! 

It's actually shocking Epic Games hasn't done this already. Fortnite is still a powerhouse, obviously, but those first seasons were special. Nostalgic. The greatest there ever was. For real, the pre-pandemic early Fortnite days were some of the best gaming times in history. Everyone has amazing memories of their time spent dropping with the boys/gals/however you like to identify yourself, rotating like an army that could take down Alexander The Great, and clutching up/hiding in every bush during endgame for the Victory Royale. Well, almost everyone. Some of us were destined for more greatness in not just Chapter 1 of Fortnite but every Chapter of Life. 

Ah, the glory days. It's time to get those sticks wet. For the good of all that's holy. 

We're getting the sticks wet and dropping with White Sox Dave at 1pm EST so follow if ye please and be ready to SQUAD UP. Going to need all the help one can get. 

PS - Fuck that llama. Again.