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The NHL Has The Perfect Opportunity To Bring Relegation To North American Sports By Just Getting Rid Of The Sharks

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

The San Jose Sharks are currently making a strong bid to become the most pathetic team in the history of professional sports. There have been teams throughout all sports which have sucked a copious amount of ass before, but I don't think anybody has ever sucked harder than these losers. 

They're now 10 games into the season and are yet to win a game. 0-9-1 to start the year, and last night's loss was the most pathetic of them all after they got their shit shoved in 10-1 by the Canucks. It was 10-0 until just under 4 minutes left to go in regulation. Absolutely disgusting. Through those 10 games so far, they've only scored 10 goals. Only once have they scored more than 1 goal in a game, and they've already been shutout twice. The Hughes brothers have damn near double the combined points as the entire Sharks roster. 

The team is dog shit, and there's a good chance that you forgot that franchise even exists in the first place. About 90% of their fans have even forgotten about them. 

And if I'm Gary Bettman, I see this joke of a team as the perfect opportunity. The NHL is in a pretty weird spot right now with everything going on in Ottawa. Between suspending a guy for 41 games for gambling on non-NHL sports, and taking away a 1st round draft pick from the team over a year after the Dadonov situation and withholding all of that from the Senators' new owner before he purchased the team, the NHL is in a bit of crisis mode right now. Gary Bettman's approval rating has to be near an all-time low. 

So what better way to get everybody back on your side than by being the first professional league in North America to bring relegation over from European soccer? There's not a single person on the planet who would miss the San Jose Sharks playing in the NHL. Again, most people probably forget they play in the league in the first place. And I'd find it hard to believe that there's not an AHL team out there that could crush this team in a 7-game series. 

There are plenty of potential hockey markets out there that could thrive if their team got bumped up to the NHL. Places like Hartford, Charlotte, Rochester, Hershey. Obviously there'd be some issues with, for example, guys on Hershey who are under contract with the Capitals. But that's all shit we can worry about later. 

The fact of the matter here is that everybody is always enamored with the relegation process in European soccer, and now the NHL has a team that sucks so goddamn hard that it would make sense to finally bring it over. See how it works for a few years. Just, for the love of god, put the Sharks out of their misery.