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Victor Wembanyama Continues To Be Completely Ridiculous, This Time Dropping 38 Points And Taking Down The Suns (Again) In Epic Fashion

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

Oftentimes when we talk about Victor Wembanyama, it can sound hyperbolic. Greatest prospect ever, basketball alien, human cheat code, unstoppable force, generational talent etc etc. The thing is, with Wemby, it's not hyperbole. It's all accurate. Every time this dude is setting foot on a basketball court he continues to back up all the hype and then some. 

We are 5 games into his NBA career and I'm still not even sure my brain fully understands what my eyes are seeing. Rookies shouldn't be this good. This is like rookie LeBron or rookie Shaq level stuff, only it's coming in this 7'3 package that can do things at that size that shouldn't be humanly possible. None of it makes any sense and you simply cannot look away. We're all going to watch so much Spurs basketball for the next decade simply because Wemby exists and you have to keep reminding yourself that this is only the beginning. 

Take tonight for example. Another game on the road against the Suns after Wemby and SA just beat them a few days ago on this same floor. What does Wembanyama do?



Uhhhhhhh holy shit. Not only did the Spurs control this entire game in large part due to Wemby, but the way he closed out the last 4 minutes of this game once the Suns made their massive run and tied it at 116 was the stuff of legends. A total of 10 points over the final few minutes, not only was Wemby actively looking for the ball in those moments, he was delivering. Sometimes it was getting to the line, sometimes it was finishing at the rim, sometimes it was a dagger pullup three, and then for the knockout punch you had him coming off a screen into a midrange pullup. 

All at 7'3.

The confidence and skill it takes to execute down the stretch in that moment, on the road, against a title favorite is big time stuff. To do that as a rookie? That's something different.

Look at those tweets above. Look at the names that Wemby now finds himself with. The thing is, that's not even everything! Remember when I said Wemby is like rookie Shaq?

I'm just not sure what you're supposed to do as a defense if Wemby is already this good this quickly. Again, this is Game 5. I think we're all trying to take our time and pump the brakes and try and be level headed when it comes to Wemby, but it's so goddamn hard when this is what he's doing on a nightly basis. The fact that he wasn't afraid of the big moment but instead was aggressive and demanded the ball in those spots is huge for a teenager playing his first NBA season. To be that polished already is crazy.

Even the biggest knock on him, his frame, hasn't even mattered. He's still a defensive monster and is more than holding his own on the glass. Now just imagine what he looks like once he has a year in an NBA weight program.

I know it can start to feel a little tired that everyone seems to be freaking out whenever Wemby does anything on the court, but come on. Look at what he's doing. We've never really seen anything like it and every single game has become must watch TV. I fully expect to write this exact blog a few dozen times this season, Wemby is just that fucking good.


Are the Spurs a sneaky Play In/6 seed candidate? Is that totally crazy? My brain says no way but then again they are 3-2 and just won back to back games in PHX, this time with both KD and Booker. That has to count for something.