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To Absolutely No One's Surprise, Sam Bankman-Fried Was Just Found Guilty On All 7 Counts In The FTX Case And Faces Over 100 Years In Prison

Late verdict just dropped here in New York City! Good riddance to SBF who never really had a chance this trial. It took the jury less than 5 hours to find him guilty on all seven charges, which he now faces over 100 years in prison for. I guess I don't know what is normal, but that seems outrageously quick for a case of this magnitude. This feels a little bit like justice to the tons of people that were defrauded while this guy had sex orgies in the Bahamas with his equally freak of a girlfriend who surely didn't help him at trial:

Thank god this story comes to an end and we likely never have to hear about her or Bankman-Fried ever again. I've never been more uncomfortable than reading the stories about their orgy cult that they were operating while rich beyond generations and generations of belief. And I'm no legal expert here, but it turns out his strategy of answering the prosecutor's questions in a way that he thought it should have been asked instead didn't work:

It also turns out pumping zillions of dollars into the Dems doesn't always work out in your favor in the court room either. SafeMoon is seemingly next in what is a clear notice from the government that crypto bad eggs will be dealt with to the harshest extent of the law. It's a little interesting we couldn't get footage in the courtroom, especially in the Year of Our Lord 2023 when virtually everything seems to be broadcasted, a la Depp/Heard. So the only remaining footage we'll probably have to laugh at is SBF's attempt at being a TikTokker, bragging about his grandiose wealth and status that came to as crashing of an end as is possible in this life. I say again good riddance.