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Exclusive first look at Trevor Wallace’s new Amazon Special “Pterodactyl”


It’s the world premiere of the first trailer for your boy Trevor Wallace’s first ever special, Pterodactyl. He’s come thru Barstool a few times now, made multiple KFC Radio appearances (with another appearance on the calendar next week), is a member of the Answer The Internet Million Views Club, and I believe in an alternate universe - if he didn’t just go off on his own and grind at stand up and amass himself millions of followers solo - he woulda been a Barstool blogger. He would have run Barstool Sacramento and he would have chopped it up with Logan Couture and the Sharks and he would have sold a zillion Boogie Cousins Kings shirts just like the rest of us did on the east coast.

But he went the solo route and 10 million TikTok followers, 3 million Instagram followers and a brand new full length Amazon Prime comedy special later, I’d sayyyyy he made the right choice. And when I heard they chose Barstool to be the place to debut the first look at his first comedy special Pterodactyl, I was honored to premiere for him. Congrats, Trevor! Get that Bezos money! Get on a fuckin space ship with that dude and get that orbit bag! 

Full special comes out November 14 on Amazon. Circle it on your calendar and make sure you follow Trevor on TikTok and IG.