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Mikal Bridges Would Like The World To Know He Did Not Have Sexual Relations With A Former Nets Dancer Last Season

David Dow. Getty Images.

Sometimes it may feel like too many people have podcasts nowadays. I know I sometimes get overwhelmed when I look at my podcast feed and the episodes stack up quicker than you can listen to them. The beauty of everyone on earth having a podcast though is sometimes the internet is blessed with fantastic stories that you wouldn't otherwise hear about. If we were to narrow that down to things NBA related, recently the trend has been dancers/IG models etc going on camera/the mic and telling stories about getting down and dirty with current NBA players. Don't ask me to explain why they think this is a good idea or puts them in a great light, but that's not my problem. I'm here for the drama

Does this surprise anyone? I certainly hope not. Let's be all be adults for a second. Of course, players are banging cheerleaders/dancers. Why wouldn't they? Oh because it may be against the rules? When has that ever mattered. The next step of course is thinking back to that Nets roster trying to figure out who this could be about. Not a bench player you say? Well here's how the Nets roster looked in terms of games started

Definitely some interesting names on here that you could see being the players, which is probably why Mikal Bridges is already getting ahead of the story

That's how you control the narrative folks. The only problem with this defense of course is the fact that this happened


Unfortunately, we weren't giving a timeline to that story so unfortunately for Bridges it doesn't totally exonerate him from consideration. For all we know it happened after February 8th. Not only that, but his Suns defense also takes a hit when you remember what other stories we've heard of similar situations involving that very team. If you don't remember don't worry, Grant Williams is here to refresh your memory

What a fantastic tweet by Grant and why Twitter (or X, whatever) will never die. It's too good. If you're still confused, take a trip down memory lane back to 2020


In the aftermath of that No Jumper appearance, it was confirmed by the subject in the comments that it was the Suns. Who was a member of the Suns in 2020?

Kevin C. Cox. Getty Images.

Really makes you think.

The part where she explains how the Nets don't want them fucking players because it takes away from their talent did make me legitimately spit out my coffee that I was actually drinking though. Yeah, I'm sure that's it. How does that even make any sense?

Again, I'm not really sure what the end game is by putting out stories like this outside of people like me blogging it, but that doesn't exactly seem worth it. Granted I'll take the pageviews, so maybe I should be saying thank you instead of questioning it.