Tyreek Hill Openly Talking Shit About How He's 'Gonna Work' The Chiefs Just Further Proves How Dumb It Is That This Game Is In Germany

This isn't a shit talking blog, because, well, why would anyone be surprised by Tyreek Hill saying this? Dude has been pretty open about talking shit, especially about the Chiefs since he left. The bigger thing is how dumb it is this game is in Germany. It's the most anticipated game of the weekend and it's going to be on at 9:30 in the morning. Yuck. Meanwhile we still get to watch the Chargers and Jets on Monday Night Football. Yeah, this game deserves the standalone spot, but you can't have it before all the other games. It's football. Shit gets lost the moment we go to the next window. 

That all said, you gotta throw in the Chiefs and Arrowhead. That place is easily in the top tier of best homefield advantages. You don't think those batshit crazy fans would show up and let out an impressive boo performance of Hill? Chiefsaholic might even come out of jail just to show up and taunt Tyreek Hill. I'm not ruling it out considering how long he was on the run. 

I know the NFL is trying to expand with Europe. It's a business, we're not dumb here. I'm just mostly getting sick of neutral site games because the only neutral site game in the NFL is/should be the Super Bowl. It's not the NCAA Tournament. It's not bowl games. It's supposed to be games where you play at home. Not to mention we get 17 games a year, you shouldn't lose a home game to someone who you could need a tiebreaker against because the NFL craves money. 

Not to mention if Hill goes off and the Dolphins win, do you know how much he'll openly talk shit there too? That's why this game needs to be Arrowhead. Yeah there will be Chiefs fans in Germany but it ain't the same. This game never should have been scheduled in Germany.