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'I've Known You 23 Years, I've Known The Rangers All My Life': This Dad Gets What It Means To Win A Ring

Hell yeah, pops. Let those tears flow. This guy finally gets one ring after all these decades and his wife wants to chastise him for not crying enough when he kid was born? You can have dozens of kids and build a child workforce and small cult like the Duggars if you want to, the Rangers are 1-63 in trying to win the World Series. Let this man have his moment.

As a World Series champion myself, I know exactly what he's feeling in that moment. The joy of finally winning it. Reminiscing on all the games he's gone to with his father and grandfather and then his own son. It's honestly a surreal feeling if you've resigned yourself to the fact that you'll never get to experience it, which I'm sure this guy had to have done over 60 years.

Also on the whole kid front, you know that child is coming for nine months. I'm positive it's an overwhelming and incomparable experience, but Cole's dad had 62 consecutive kicks to the coin pouch before witnessing that moment. That's cry-worthy.

These videos are awesome. Good for the Rangers.