Dave Makes The Best $1 Business Deal Of His Life

And that's how you negotiate. Dave has long been praised as one of the greatest businessmen of our generation. He started Barstool, sold it for hundreds of millions, then got it back for $1. Well now he's made an even better $1 deal getting in on the ground floor of The Smoke Detector and being my first investor. 

The Smoke Detector is a revolutionary app I created that scans people's faces to decide if they're hot enough or not to get into a bar. Bouncers can often get vilified for being the bad guy and turning ugly people down. But with the Smoke Detector, the app is the bad guy and it all comes down to a very specific scientific formula that determines hotness. 

Hopefully Forbes sees how I started this million dollar business and it helps my chances of making the 30 Under list. First a billboard. Then a dating show. Then I become a hero. Now I'm an entrepreneur? What can't I do???

To hear more about this app creation and see it in action at a real bar in New York city, watch the latest Smokes Show here.