The Trailer Has Been Released For "The Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes" And It Looks FANTASTIC

I really like Planet of the Apes. I think it’s one of the more fascinating Hollywood sagas. It’s featured many different iterations and retellings, but in many ways, I feel like every Planet of the Apes movie is a reflection of where Hollywood is at. The ape films of the late '60s and early '70s were renowned for their social commentary as well as prosthetics and makeup, and the most recent trilogy was lauded for being a breakthrough in CG technology and motion capture work. The trailer has just dropped for the newest film in the saga "Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes," and I’m quite pleased with what I’ve seen. 

I'm genuinely happy with how this looks. I was a bit nervous. The most recent Planet of the Apes trilogy is great. It's not good, it's fucking great. It's one of the best Hollywood trilogies of all time, and a big reason for it was that Matt Reeves, who went on to direct "The Batman," was the driving force behind the last two films in the trilogy. He does not return for this. The Director for this film is Wes Ball. I think Reeves is one of the best directors working right now, so not having him on board had me a little bit concerned, but I like the direction that they're taking this in. 

The only potential downside that I could see coming from this is that I don't know if they'll be able to create a character as fascinating as Cesar was in the previous trilogy. Andy Serkis should've been nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in those movies. Caesars is one of the more fascinating protagonists of the 21st century, and it will be difficult to recapture that magic, but from a story standpoint, this feels like the next logical step. It appears to be set many years after the events of the last trilogy, which means that this will be able to stand on its own without feeling too derivative. It feels like there is an actual creative spark here. I like it. Apes together strong.