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This Matt Rhule Pregame Speech Will Have You In Tears And Ready To Run Through A Brick Wall Simultaneously

I don't know if I want to strap on a helmet and get out on the field for Matt Rhule or call my mom. That's how you get the boys ready to go.

What a speech. Every living room Rhule walks into between the end of the season and signing day, he should just hit play on that video in front of the recruit and his parents and just say, "Any questions?" before walking out. I can't imagine there are many better coaches in the country at making parents want their kids to go play for them.

If you can't be ready to give every ounce of effort in your body after hearing that speech, you need to go find something else to do. "A warrior doesn't need the weapon, a warrior is the weapon." This man was dropping BARS after making his players think they were going to start crying. That's a motivational speech.

Tony Robbins needs to go spend a couple days in Lincoln, Nebraska, because he doesn't hold a candle to this guy.