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Respectfully, Senator Tuberville Is An Absolute And Complete Cunt For What He's Doing To National Security

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For the past few months, Tommy Tuberville has been holding hundreds of military promotions over a DoD policy that he disagrees with and believes is unconstitutional. He's been holding all of these promotions back despite the country being in a heightened state of alert due to what's happening in Palestine and Israel. 

He's not just holding back civilian positions in the DoD to make a political point. He's holding back actual promotions, whether those be actual rank promotions or positional promotions. In my opinion, the positional promotions are by far worse. 

For example, the Commandant of the Marine Corps was recently confirmed. He was confirmed after spending months doing the job of both the Commandant and the Vice Commandant. As you can imagine, if you have a brain, those are pretty important. 

There are reports that the Commandant was working from 5am to 11pm every single day for months. The Commandant doesnt work alone. His team was there too. What do that long of hours do to a person when those hours are sustained?

“One of the reasons, I think contributed to his condition was he was doing two jobs at once,” Reed said in a brief interview. “I’ve read where he was working from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. As a result, if he had, as is normal, an assistant, he could switch off.”

Reed said Smith’s medical emergency underscored, “the fallacy and the danger” of Tuberville’s (R-Ala.) tactic of delaying top military nominees from being confirmed. Tuberville has maintained the blockade over the Pentagon’s abortion travel policy, ensnaring more than 300 generals and admirals at the upper rungs of the armed forces.

These holds also include positions like the Commander of the 5th Fleet which includes the carrier group that is parked in the Middle East on a high readiness alert. The current commander is in an "Acting" position which really hamstrings the ability to make long-term command decisions and swift action to neer-do-wells. 

In a crazy turn of events yesterday, even members of his own party issued some crazy strong rebukes. 


Over and over. For all 61 high-ranking, highly important positions for national security are a secondary concern for Tommy Tuberville. 

Remember the GIF from the top? It's a common trope for Tuberville. He constantly says "No one is more military than me." Naval Captain turned astronaut turned Senator disagrees. 


Flat out untrue. There are people who will run out of contracted time if they aren't promoted. There are some people who won't have the time to fill those positions, positions that they've earned, and positions that are immensely needed before they are forced to retire. 

There were people who were in limbo about when they were going to be able to move, when their kids could enroll in school, and when their spouses could get new jobs in new cities. 

Tommy Tuberville is a cunt. He's been a cunt. He'll be a cunt when he drops his holds because the military will be behind because he wants his little stunts.