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The Wizards Throwing An Off-The-Backboard Alley Oop While Down 20 Is Why We Watch

Previously in the Wizards are hilarious:





This is a fun little recurring bit we got here. The Wizards are going to be the most entertaining 15 win team in NBA history. You got guys like Deni and Johnny Davis who are out there trying to improve and develop, and at the exact same time you have Jordan Poole who just wants to clown around. And clown around he does! Doesn't matter what the score is, if there's an opportunity to throw an off-the-backboard alley oop, you gotta take it!



Just the best. And what did they do back on defense after it? Not a thing!!!!



Just cashing checks man. 

The Wizards may be the worst, but at least they're going to be giving me blog fodder, so hey, keep on doing your thing Kyle and Jordan!


PS: Oh I get it now: