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This Guy Put New Meaning To The Word Man Cave With His Perfect Setup

There's a lost art about a man cave, the area in every dude's basement that is reserved exclusively for Sunday football and watching romance flicks with the fellas. There's a sacrality to the space you spend virtually the most time in, unless your name is Barstool Chief and you have a one 35 inch TV setup which you probably use to steal blogs and then claim you didn't. More on that another time. Or, you're a multi hundred millionaire and your multi million dollar renovation on your multi million dollar home doesn't go exactly as planned:

Or, maybe just maybe, you're this Lions fan who has created the perfect space. I always hated the idea that you needed 6+ TVs in your man cave. Three is a perfect number. Your eyes can't even process 6 things at once, so a couple of NFL games and maybe Red Zone is all you really need. The rest is just overkill. The search is over, this guy wins. The only workout I do is my adderall diet, but I might start if I had that setup in the back there. You can tell how psycho someone is about their man cave judging by if they have one of those tickers for news like it's a sportsbook or bar. 

We really are a unique species. You can be Jordie and blog about a fake prison interaction and dudes rock so hard that no one would even question it:

It's the simple things. Daps, sports, man caves, maybe even Fortnite going back to Chapter 1 tomorrow if you're under the age of like 30. We'll all be okay.