Pete Carroll Is A Genius - Made Leonard Williams Play A Rookie In A 1-on-1 Jump Shooting Contest During His First Meeting With The Seahawks

This is how you do it. You don't need to introduce yourself to people, I assume that 99% of the Seahawks roster knows who Leonard Williams is. You know how you build character? A jump shooting contest. It's something that every single guy can relate to. You see a ball and hoop? Guess what? You're getting some jumpers up. You're also not quitting until you make that last jumper and I don't care how old you are, you may even do a little countdown pretending it's the end of the game. It's the simplest form of entertainment that every guy has done at least once. 

Now that said, Williams won making only 5 shots? 

Pathetic. He play for the Barstool rec team or something? 

1-4 from three as a team is fucking hilarious. It's 2023 how do you only attempt four threes at any level? I'm pretty sure I saw my kid's 4-year old team attempt more last night. Granted they don't dribble often and it's just sprinting around the court diving on the ball, they still shot it. The point here is 5 made jumpers in 30 seconds isn't something to be proud of. 

I know Pete Carroll can be kinda crazy, but I love this move. Every place should have a basketball hoop in the office. This is how you keep the good juju going for the Seahawks. You start getting some jumpers up, worry about beating your teammates in a shooting contest and bond over it. Shit, he might be a genius.