Do You Believe In Miracles: Man Completes 4 Perfect Daps To Avoid Getting Jumped In Prison

The sound and feeling of a perfect dap is so satisfying. And part of what makes it so great is how surprised you are every time it happens. I don't have the stats to back me up here, but I'd imagine the perfect dap up probably only happens around once every 50-60 daps. At the very least, the number is will below 10% of the time.  

Which makes sense considering the art of the dap. It may seem simple at first, but there is so much that goes into it in so little time. You have to have the perfect attack angle, velocity, wrist release. And not only do you need all of those to be perfect, but you also need to read and react your partner's dap as well. You need to mirror and match their attack angle. You need to adjust your velocity based upon theirs. You need to make sure that everything is precise, and you do all these calculations within seconds. 

So for this cat to be able to put up 4 perfect daps in just 16 attempts? Hitting at a 25% clip? This might just be one of the most impressive athletic accomplishments of the year. Especially considering all the heightened pressure of getting your ass whooped by everyone if you don't get it done. But big time players always find a way to step up in big time moments and make big time plays. This man was down to his last dap. The cards were stacked against him. But he stepped up and made it happen like all of the greats seem to do. What a moment in human history.