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Did Urban Meyer Just.....Defend Jim Harbaugh and Michigan?

“This is really the first time, because it’s you and a guy I respect—so I’m very cautious,” Meyer said on the show, per On3 Sports. “I’ve been asked over 100 times to comment on it and I just won’t. But I am going to, I’ll tell you my thoughts: First of all I’m very skeptical of reporters reporting. My experience is they’re wrong most of the time. And that’s not a shot at the media, that’s reality. People say things that they’re reporting that’s just not true. So I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt saying, first of all it’s hard for me to believe that is true.”

Geez, I guess what they say is true: never meet your heroes. My favorite 7 things about Urban Meyer are each of the times he beat Michigan (and never lost), but my 8th favorite thing about him is that he fucking haaaaaaaaaaates them. Or so I thought? Was the never saying their name just a facade?  Was kicking people out of the facility for wearing blue just a joke? Was legally hiring a coach to scout and prepare for Michigan 365 days out of the year just for show?

Listen, if you asked Ohio's Tate for a quote on this scandal, you would get the following:

Fuck Michigan. Fuck Jim Harbaugh. Give them both the Death Penalty. 

- Ohio's Tate

But if you ask Urban Meyer, you'll get that he's giving Jim Harbaugh the benefit of the doubt! That he needs to be cautious when commenting because of how highly he thinks of the Michigan Man! And I would almost understand his stance if the rumors were just that, but am I crazy or have these rumors become FACTS right under our very eyes? Everyone except for the spineless Big Ten commissioner is ready to suspend Harbaugh for life and kick Michigan out of college football, but Urban Meyer needs to see more than text messages, Venmo receipts, video evidence, photos of Stallions on Central Michigan's sidelines, play call sheets, box office history, etc etc etc

This is the first time in my 30 years on this Earth that I'm honestly disappointed in Urban Meyer. But at least he did back track off the Harbaugh Train a little bit:

“I also heard people say that ‘Well, everyone does that.’ And Tim, no one does that,” Meyer said. “I’ve never heard of that in 40 years of being around the game. …Everybody is entitled to their opinion. If they [coaches] know your signals, it is that important. You’re changing the game. That’s very egregious if that’s what happened.

Okay fine, if Harbaugh and Michigan happened to cheat, which everyone on the planet has unanimously agree that they did, then Urban will condemn them. I just hope we can find a few thousand more pieces of evidence to show Urban that this cheating may have actually happened!